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Alex Moore

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Since graduating from Middlesex University’s Illustration BA in 2012 I’ve been freelancing as an illustrator and comic book artist. Although I’ve found myself doing more and more of my process digitally, I want to keep it feeling traditional. I’m a big fan of illustrators such as Richi Pope, Sam Bosma and Jullian Callos who are all able to effortlessly bring that natural vibe into their work.


I always try and ensure my work has lots of character – I can have way too much fun making sure every face in a crowd has their own distinct personality. I also enjoy playing with view points and angles; they’re a great way to amp up the drama in an image or exaggerate the mood. This may be why I love working in comics since you need all those elements to create a compelling narrative. The ‘Blacksad’ series are a fantastic example of how you can use the medium to create a totally cinematic experience out of paper and ink. At the other end of the spectrum you’ve got guys like Chris Ware and Richard McGuire who really utilise layout and design to tell a very different sort of story.


Pretty soon after leaving uni I began producing artwork for the indoor festival, Rumpus and have been lucky enough to work with them ever since. I also worked with my old course and The Bishop’s Stortford Museum on a graphic novel collection and animated comic commemorating the First World War Centenary.


Asides from illustration I’m also a part time teaching assistant on Middlesex’s illustration BA. As well as helpeding to set up The Drawn Chorus Collective. Working freelance can often be a pretty isolated experience so it’s great to be able to collaborate on projects with a big group of creative people. So far we’ve put on three exhibitions and last year saw us release our first book- a graphic novel anthology.




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