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Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2013 with a degree in Illustration, I have been freelancing as an Illustrator and Designer. I have already been lucky enough to have some great work experience and projects under my belt; including working exclusively for Hallmark Cards and the re-branding of The Godolphin Arms restaurant and B&B in Cornwall.

I love working on briefs and with clients and I am a very methodical person, so I enjoy all the processes involved from conception of ideas through to full colour artworks. For me there is no greater satisfaction in producing a visual image or design that communicates to its intended audience.

The way I produce my imagery is, again, a very methodical process for me. I am inspired by a wide variety of things that I’ve seen and places I’ve been as well as other illustrators, artists and designers. I find great inspiration from objects that I find, old books – I particularly like old maps and pre 1950’s typography. I also, as well as drawing in my sketchbook, enjoy taking photographs either on my phone or on my film slr. There is something special still about a physical photograph, but I often draw from these later on or cut them up and arrange compositions.

Once, I have pencilled out my drawings, I always start with acrylic ink as a base layer. At this stage I am never that precious about where the ink goes exactly, for me it is like roughing out in colour, it is the processes after that help to sharpen the illustration. Acrylic paint mixed with a glaze medium follows and gouache depending on how much texture I want to create. I always add the details in once all of my other medias are down on paper; I like to use a really waxy coloured pencil as the pigments are stronger and they work better on top of a pre-painted surface. Occasionally, I draw on an alternative surface such a tracing paper to achieve a finer amount of detail if I was drawing a building for example, which would then be digitally manipulated, but only as an extra layer. I personally prefer to work in a more traditional way, as I like to constantly experiment with materials and how they work together.

Alongside my commercial work, I have also started to create my own cards, prints and stationery as an extension of my own personal projects, and sketchbooks. You can find them here.


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