Trudi Murray – Visualisation

Blossom Garden
Bold Bluebells
Joy Flower
Ragged Beauty
Spring Lovelies
Trudi Murray
I’m an artist and illustrator living and working in South West London. I started working professionally about 3 years ago, after a lovely long stint at home looking after my children. I’m a writer by trade – art is something I’ve always wanted to do alongside. It’s been hard work becoming established, but I’m now working flat out and I’m very happy in it!
I sell paintings regularly – sometimes before the paint is even dry. They’re often big paintings. They’re always bright and bold. I have a distinctive joyful style (so I’m told!). I’m always working on the next project or commission. As Spring uncurled itself this year, I had an idea to make something smaller, something accessible, something everyone could enjoy – original paintings at an affordable cost.
I hit on the idea of making these postcards. They’re quick, immediate, appealing – quite like Spring Flowers themselves. I started in the garden, sketching ideas. Back at my desk, I worked up some loose paintings in watercolour, ink and gouache, on smooth watercolour paper. Letting the brain department get in the way is often fatal. Just paint. Make shapes. I usually slow down a bit at the end, layering up colours and outlining speedily with a dip pen and bright inks.
The point of the postcards is their freedom – and a sense of boldness and identity. They get snapped up at sales and are so popular. Scattered on a tray on the stall next to a big jug of real flowers they look fab! They’re a labour of love, though – each one an original. Phew.
But it’s worth it. Spring flowers = joy.

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