Rebeca Bagley – Visualisation








Rebeca Bagley

I work across multiple age ranges, mainly producing editorial and fiction illustration. The pictures I make are often figurative or character led, but really I just love to communicate. I always want my images to tell s story or capture a theme or idea so all briefs are fun briefs!
Here is a selection. I’ve included a few sketches too and then at the end, some bits from my sketchbook.
I always start in the sketchbook or on a scrap of paper. A lot of my work that isn’t for books begins life as a doodle in the sketchbook. Then I scan, clean it up and tidy any mis-drawings!
After that I colour, using photoshop. I usually use textured layers, but recently I’ve been doing a lot of flat colour too and just letting the texture of the pencil do the work.

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