Lizzie Lomax – Visualisation

Instagram: @lizzielomaxx / Twitter / Tumblr / E:
I have just finished my 3 years at Kingston University studying Illustration and Animation. Now I’m taking the scary, but exciting, step into the freelance world. All my work begins with collage which I use to form the base of pretty much everything I make. I pair this with all sorts of textures; brush marks, ink, and a lot of photos from observer books! I like to think this gives them a more tangible feel and less flat. I love working with mixed media, big or small, and love working with others, so I will trying to steer parts of my work in that direction for the future.
Vertical farming, explained simply (which is very hard!) is a different method of farming originally devised by Dickson Despommier which moves away from agriculture and more into the city, so it allows the land to get back to original state, creates jobs within the city, makes use of abandoned buildings, uses renewable energy sources, and means that city gets fresh produce everyday!

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