Reece Wykes – Visualisation

Sketchbook Development
52 Dogs was a fantastic range of work. How did it come about and what made you choose the final format to show the body of work? 
A: I always knew the story of Roald Amundsen and Robert Scotts race to the South Pole, but never really researched into it. Untill one day I was listening to the radio and heard that Amundsen actually came back heavier than when he left off. After a few Google searches I found out that Amundsen took along 52 dogs on the expedition and throughout the trip him and his crew ate 41 of the dogs, leaving only 11 dogs left to pull them back to the ship. I thought I could use this fact as a sort of punchline to the narrative. Each screen print in the series displays a new environment the crew had to face along the expedition and along the bottom you follow the journey frame by frame, ending each print with an image of a sledge being pulled by dogs, and with each print you see the amount of dogs decrease.
Tell us something about your creative practice that not many people know…
A: I sketch out my initial thoughts in my sketchbook using a hot pink Lamy pen because that’s my favourite colour.
What is next now that you’ve conquered London with your degree show ‘Tidy’? 
A: After a mad few weeks helping to organise our show Tidy, it will be good to get back into the swing of things again. I plan on revisiting some past projects and starting some new ideas I’ve had floating about. I recently exhibited my children’s book ‘I Dare You…’ at the Coningsby Gallery as part of the Macmillans Children’s book prize, some time has passed since I worked on that project and I’m itching to push it further.

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