Yixi Cai – Visualisation


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Yixi Cai

Chelsea Textile Design Graduate

As a young designer what drives my ambition is to set up a chain of shop where the textile design concept applies to all of the following; furnishing; clothes; sculptures etc. in other words a design company which has a total concept in relation to domestic environment. I like to begin the design development process working in 3D and then transform the 3D results into 2D textile designs.

As an undergraduate student my skill set working with 3D and surface design is strong and resulted in me being selected for a student exchange in Mexico.

Being a student at Chelsea has allowed me to develop my concerns regarding environmental issues and the processes of textile design and production. I am interested in identifying the potential of materials normally thrown away everyday in huge quantities. Developing 3D work from recyclable material has become the basis for my designs for 2D textiles and has greatly influenced my work. Additionally, Photoshop and Illustrator have been an excellent way to develop and analyze my visual ideas.

I started my project with one skirt, which is from Opening Ceremony. It is about freedom and restrict. I am really interested in geometrics, lines and body parts as hand signs. I looked at Moholy-Nagy, Johannes Itten, Piet Mondrian especially Pedro Friedberg who inspired me the most. People live with the rules though we don’t want it but we need it. The restriction and the eager for freedom are struggling in us. The hand is symbolizing the freedom; the stipe and the geometry are the box and the rules.

In this project, the hand sculptures is the first things that I made. I was trying to find a way to connect the hands and geometric then I looked at Pedro Friedberg who gave me lots of inspiration. Moreover, My visual research is from Internet, books and museums. For instance, the Art of the Brick exhibition at Brick Lane, books like Pedro Friedberg, Mexico Colour. At the starting point, I started with colour papers that I cut them to pieces and play with them, then I did some drawing and painting which I scanned them to computer and used Photoshop and Illustrator to process and design them.

I believe pattern could light up people’s life and no matter how boring our life it is, there are always something can make people smile. Although people hate the rules and restriction but nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. The only thing I can do is making it fun so people could live and enjoy it.


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