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Thomas Pullin

Twitter: @tom_pullin / Instagram: thomaspullinillustration

The History of Plant Hunting


The brief i set myself for this project was to create an educational pamphlet for kids based on the plant hunters of the Victorian era. I envisioned the pamphlet to be tied into these beautiful Cornish gardens near to where I studied in Falmouth.

Upon entering the gardens, children would receive an explorer’s hat and my 3 panel brochure where on the front would be a fully illustrated documentation of the life, journey and ultimately the death of the plant hunters. On the back would be a map of the gardens where children had the chance to become the plant hunters themselves and explore the grounds in order to find the plants which they would then stamp into the terrariums provided on the pamphlet.

One of the challenging aspects of this brief was to produce a booklet that was exciting to both the parent as well as the child as it would be the parent who would be doing the majority of the reading. I over came this by researching deeply into the plant hunters and found there were many gruesome stories of these explorers being killed by landslides, by drowning and by hostile natives which rather morbidly i believe gives some excitement to the piece. On more of a design level the arranging of the front of the booklet was a real challenge when having to consider what shapes and what colours work well together whilst trying to tell the story in a chronological order.

The aspect of the project I am most happy with is the interactive element that sees the audience taking part and becoming the plant hunters, I believe that for something to really work for a child audience then interaction is a fundamental ingredient that should always be present.

This project is currently undergoing costing meetings so watch this space!


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