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Amy Bairstow

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Working in a range of mediums my work explores colour, shape and playfulness using pattern, sets and moving image. For the project and exhibition piece ‘There’s Still a Life In Me’  I was interested in interaction and the idea of  each person having the ability to ‘restyle’ an environment.

I started by looking at children’s ways of playing games-how they fully immerse themselves in the world of play. I wanted to create an environment that encouraged participants to be playful in a similar way to this. I created giant magnetic shapes that could be interacted with- they could be stuck to a wall, rearranged and even dressed up in. Each person who interacted in the space was able to interact in a life size collage. I always try to have a sense of humour with my work and use bold colours and shapes to bring an energetic life to the print designs themselves and the overall aesthetic.


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