Shorts: Shakespeare on Love

Today HungerTV are commencing their new series Shakespeare Sunday’s with the release of the first short film in the original series. Shakespeare Sunday’s are a three week venture into Shakespeare’s work which will comprise of a collection of three shorts by film maker Jordan Rossi. These shorts showcase three separate themes amongst Shakespeare’s sonnets which are then displayed in a modernised context. This gives them the unique ability to reach a fresh audience and catapult Shakespeare into the modern world.

Shakespeare on Love, the first short to be released focuses on Shakespeare’s sonnets 29-32 and the key theme of love. The short is shot in black and white and features two main narratives which intertwine between one another. The first is a monologue, spoken by Fady Elsayed (best known for his work in the British film My Brother The Devil). We witness his character brooding over the death of a lover. Interspersed between shots of Elsayed runs the second narrative, a beautiful contemporary dance performed by Samantha Johnson. The piece beautifully moulds with the pace and rhythm of the speech which enables the two narratives to mould as one.

To watch the film and read an interview with Fady Elsayed visit Hunger TV.



Written by Cheryl Burns



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