Samuel Tindall


Tell us a little something about yourself as an introduction before we commence this interview.

I am a recent graduate from York St John University, having studied Product Design. With a keen interest in furniture design, I feel this is apparant in my work.



Where do you look for influences when working on your own projects?

When first starting out with a brief I look deep into the current trends, surrounding already existing products and from that I can decide what colours palettes go with what materials and what shapes work as viable ideas. In order to formulate this I look towards print and digital to gather my influences.



Now a recent graduate from York St John University you’ve completed a successful career! Was the expectation of university what you had expected going into it at the beginning? Any surprises along the way?

When I first started university three years ago, my expectation of university was that it would give me the chance to develop myself as a professional, not only that but it gave me the opportunity to develop my design skills and learn new things from my peers.


Explain to us what furniture design is for you…

My passion for design stems from having the ability to sit down and go through each stage of the design process right up to manufacturing, costing and marketing. This gives me a sense of accomplishment seeing the finished piece I have put together in front of me.


What comes first, the materials or the design ideas?

I believe that when I’m starting out on a project, I gravitate towards my sketch pad and just get down as many shapes and designs on paper as possible and then once I have the ideas I then start expanding those ideas and thinking more about what materials to use.



Sustainable development is on the world’s lips at the moment; acknowledging that when natural materials are used there needs to be growth and balance with the environment. How do you go about this matter with your own work? Do you take into account the types of materials used?

I find that the materials I use in each of many projects have been carefully selected and sustainability is on my mind constantly. I choose my materials following this principle, which is noticeable through my work with FSC birch plywood playing a major part because of its sustainable nature. With my work I find the materials to be just as important as the design itself so I make sure that the materials used are right and they fit with what I want my work to say.


Now, tell us something that not many people know about you…

What people don’t know is that I hope that after gaining experience in the design field I hope to start my own furniture business, where I can design and sell my own works.


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