Jessica Lim – Visualisation

Bao and Pom - Cover
Bao and Pom – Cover


jessicaxyl bao and pom 2
Bao and Pom – Inside Page


jessicaxyl blueberry budgie
Blueberry Budgie


French Toast Loaf Cat
French Toast Loaf Cat


jessicaxyl ramen girl
Ramen Girl


jessicaxyl strawberry farmers
Strawberry Farmers

Jessica Lim

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My name is Jessica Lim, also known as JESSICAXYL and I am an illustrator who graduated from Middlesex University in 2013. Throughout 2014, I have held concept artist and project co-ordinator positions in King Bee Animation Studio, working both in-house and remotely. Now I am a freelance creator, with a dream of one day being part of a gallery exhibition.

Here is a selection of my work from 2015 based around the theme of delicious food, and food positivity. I have been slowly merging my work with more personal details, so it features the Malaysian-Chinese people I grew up with, fused with European food and clothing that I adore. South East Asia has also influenced my current style of rounded lines, warm and bold colours, with a touch of whimsy. Most recently, I have taken my illustration a step further by delving into comics creation – I find storytelling a great way to bring another bit of life to a piece – and so Bao and Pom was digitally published in August 2015.


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