Duru Eksioglu – Visualisation






Duru Eksioglu

Website / Behance

Hi! This is Duru! I’m an Istanbul based illustrator.

I’ve graduated from Graphic Design with a 1st degree in 2013. Currently I’m trying to receive my Master’s degree to be a academician. A little about me? I love to share my knowledge. I give workshops about painting textiles with stamp making, lino-cut and drawing.

At the same time, I’m working as a freelancer. I generally design t-shirts and book covers for who wants a piece of sweetness. Also I’ve created my own brand called Happy Marker for my graduation project, in which I make cute brooches, tote bags, shoes..etc for fun.

I mostly draw cute and happy things with adding the vintage textures on them. I’m inspired by the weather, the nature and baby animals. Being happy and the Beatles sound feeds my creativity. Even if one of these doesn’t work, I’ll draw my feelings at the moment and share with daily doodles on my Tumblr.



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