Thom Milson – Festive Visualisation






Thom Milson 


Festive Skating and Christmas Cards

I’m Thom and I live and work in Leeds in the UK.

I studied Fine Art at university, graduating in 2011. Back then I focused on painting and print making to create my images, with drawing becoming more prominent after I graduated. I’ve always been into combining techniques and media to create finished work and at the moment I’m trying to use more handmade elements within my digital work.

I work on a lot of editorial work, which is great because I get to work outside of my comfort zone on a range of different subjects. I recently finished a cover illustration for Independent Leeds, which an organisation that promotes the work of local businesses and artists. Working on a project such as that is really rewarding because the work is helping other local craftspeople get noticed.

In my personal work I currently like to focus on drawing people and seasons. Winter and Autumn are my two of my favourite seasons: they lends itself so well to illustration from a colour palette point of view, but more importantly for myself, they let me play with various shapes and textures.


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