Daniel Jamie Williams

My Room
Daniel Jamie Williams – a name we’d quite like to introduce you to.  Living and now working in London, we take time out to speak to this creative illustrator. How do you find freelancing in the big city?
I love it – the scene is the reason I moved here in the first place (from the Midlands, for university). I wanted to be somewhere where creativity was seen as something exciting and, more importantly, a viable career. I think it can feel like people want you to avoid any creative job path when you’re younger but I’m glad I stuck with it and did it in London. I’ve done some really exciting exhibitions and markets here and met loads of other great designers too.


A lot of your work is inspired by music, and most recently a project you’ve completed was due to Movember! Talk us through this selection of work and where you got the concept?

Basically, every year I raise money for Movember in the usual way; shaving then growing a moustache and getting donations from friends and family. This year I wanted to raise more and do something other than just asking if people wanted to contribute so I did some original drawings. I had a ‘lucky dip’ system where people could donate then I’d send them a small pencil illustration in return.

I really enjoyed the whole project and raised £126. I put all of the drawings I did on my website too.



Torn’ for Shellsuit Zombie is an editorial piece, which went live – congratulations! Explain the process of this piece?

This was an illustration that accompanied an article by Ralph Jones in the latest Shellsuit Zombie which was about being ‘torn’ between two professions/hobbies – essentially having ‘two brains’. My idea was to have a halved brain with separate personalities discussing the problem. It’s made up of quite a lot of layers; a pencil outline, shading, colour, texture, additional digital drawing etc. It was fun to do and interesting to give character to a body part.



Explain your work in five words?

It’s difficult to limit to five but I like it when people describe my work as my own ‘worlds’ so perhaps ‘Little looks into other worlds’? Something like that.


When you’re not illustrating and creating, what will we find you doing instead?

I like to listen to and compose music – the writing and recording part is something I’m trying to put more focus on. Also I like to write poems and stories. Sometimes I merge my writing with my illustration work, like in my recent short story ‘Dead Peaceful’.

When I’m not making at all I like to go out into London for food or drink with friends or just watch TV/play games, that kind of thing.


The animations, gifs and illustration work you produce is amazing – what’s next?

Thank you! I would like to do more animating but so far it’s all been mostly practice and personal work. I’m hoping to keep on with my posters and editorial as well as my own personal work and zines. I like to bring out a new collection of work every few months – it’s good to always have projects on the go!


Enjoy what you see and hear? Check out Daniel’s website, as well as his instagram, twitter, facebook page and blog


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