Jyotsna Warikoo – Visualisation







Jyotsna Warikoo Designs

Facebook // Instagram // Email – jyotsnawarikoo@gmail.com

I am a freelance  illustrator, textile and surface pattern designer and have been working in the home textile industry for over a decade.

I started my design studio very recently and have been focusing on creating contemporary, clean and beautiful art for diverse industries. This freedom to create art for the sake of creative satisfaction has made so much more confident and I can see how my work has evolved over the last few years. I also took few online courses at “ Lilla Rogers Studio” and they have helped me tremendously in pushing out the boundaries and trying out new mediums and styles in my work. The encouragement and support of the fellow artist community was a huge bonus as well !

I like to create digital art but it mostly starts with hand illustration, colored pencils, acrylics and mixed media. I love to give a modern take on old patterns or icons and create art that is bright, clean and whimsical.

I work mostly on Photoshop to keep the unfinished look of hand drawn icons in my work.

I have recently signed up with an agent to license my work and am looking forward to seeing my work on multiple product categories including paper goods, giftware and textiles.

I am always open to new projects, collaborations and ventures and would love to broaden my portfolio in the coming year. Looking forward to an exciting 2016 !!


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