Feast – West Norwood

Feast – West Norwood


Hello Kieron! A name who we’ve seen before as a creative who was part of Plog magazine. This time round we’re speaking to you on behalf of finding out a little more about Feast, in West Norwood. Tell us what it is you had done for Feast and how it all came about. 

Hello, again!

I am an active volunteer within Feast, West Norwood. I’ve been given the responsibility of managing the look and feel of all their digital and print content. The area of West Norwood where Feast is located was somewhere I grew up as a child, so I know the area very well. The opportunity came about when I worked alongside Ben, a freelancer at my previous job who had this role first. He wanted to move on, and he asked whether I knew of anyone who would be interested in taking over. I’ve always been keen to want to do some volunteering work, and seeing how this was in an area I knew very well it felt like a win, win situation.

I had a casual interview with Lucy (Founder of Feast), and I got the role in Feb. I’ve been working with the team who are also made up of volunteers from different backgrounds since then – and its been great!



What was the one aspect about Feast that you had really admired?

One thing you’ll notice about Feast is the diverse backgrounds it attracts.

West Norwood has always been a place where people would go past it on the train, but would never stop off. Now they have a good reason too. With all the different nationalities you can clearly see on the day its anamazing event to be part of and to watch grow.

How would you explain what Feast is in a sentence? 

Feast is a volunteer powered street market located in West Norwood, which encourages those in the local area to meet one another and to see what their local community has to offer whether its through food, art or music.

Sport theme for July!
IMG_1039 copy
A selection of the hot food on offer

The main aim now is to make Feast sustainable, dependent on the physical re-development of Norwood High Street as well at the support of the community and the volunteers. How do you feel as designer you’re also brought this notion into practice?

Well as a Designer I always try and immerse myself with what is current whether it is through design itself or various paper stocks available. As I create all the print content (flyer and posters) for Feast, I do try and add as much character as possible to each design whether it is though themes we may introduce or our colour scheme.

I have put forward the idea of a re-brand, which we are now currently in the process of developing. As a team we are very keen to take a photographic approach to how our print content looks. Last month saw our biggest turn out to record, with nearly 1000 people in attendance. We had food stalls, artist sharing their work, local bands performing and so much more. Gathering some nice shots on the day and sharing to the public can only be a positive thing – plus from a design perspective the content will be more easy to digest.

The Artisan’s Market – talent overtaking Chatsworth Street.


Bringing in your own design work is a great source of visual identity, bringing life to the event and taking the ideas into the aesthetic visual. What have been the three main highlights you’ve taken into your own design practice?

1. Time managementLike most projects there is always a deadline. As Feast takes place on the first Sunday of every month, it is important that all design content is completed, proof read, and then sent to our printers on time. This will ensure that all flyers, posters and banners have had the right amount of time to be digested by all those in the area.

2. Understanding the balance. Being part of something like Feast really allows you to have fun and explore different visual routes. Despite working closely with the team, I am the Lead Designer so I do have the opportunity to take various design directions that I feel works best. Since graduating 2 years ago (damn I feel old), I’ve been working as a Junior Designer at various agencies in London. Any Junior Designer will know that at times you may feel not appreciated or overlooked. God knows I’ve had those days, but fortunate for me not to many. Having something like Feast under your belt really allows you to grow as a Designer, as your able to see first hand the process of how projects from both sides of the spectrum work. Whether its through volunteered work or clinet based.

3. Forever learning. Currently I’m freelancing, but I am starting full-time very soon. I’m sure most Graphic Designers would agree that time is precious and as you get older you do feel that there really aren’t enough hours in the day. When it comes to Feast, I am always using tools such as Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, which I tend to use everyday at work too. From my perspective, this is very much a learning curve. ‘Lynda’ has become my new best friend over the past few weeks. Whatever I learn on Lynda whether its for Feast or my freelance career, I am able to use what I’ve learnt and apply to both roles.

May Flyer - Teddy Bears Picnic
May Flyer – Teddy Bears Picnic
June Flyer – Dance
July Flyer – Sport
August Flyer – Holiday

A graphic designer by day as well, can you tell us a little about another project you’ve been working on recently?

In terms of a new project, there is something in the pipeline and without saying too much as it is still in the early stages of development a possible online PDF booklet showcasing what Feast has to offer could be rolling out soon.

I have entered Jack Wills Young Brits. The competition is currently in the voting stages. You can find my submission under the Creativity tab here: allthingsjack.jackwills.com/uk/youngbrits/vote. If you like it, please vote!

One of many delicious cakes and sweet treats available – yum!


As it is now a countdown to the next Feast for August, with July’s having just been, what can we expect to see on next month?

Warning: Imagery may cause hunger!

Hopefully good weather for a start! With this heat wave we’ve got on, I’m sure it will be lovely. The theme for July’s Feast was Sport, which seems appropriate as Wimbledon is now on.

You can expect lots of food stalls from Independent companies. From Paella, right down to fresh Organic Beef burgers (bloody hell, I’m hungry now).

Artist and Designers displaying beautifully crafted designs and artwork on their stalls, ready for the public to buy and great live music from the local artists in West Norwood.

Sunday is a lazy day, we all know that! Why not come down and be lazy in West Norwood and take advantage of all the cool stuff that has been put on by our lovely volunteers.

Feast starts Sunday 2nd August, from 10am – 4pm. Location: West Norwood High Street.


Make sure you check out Feast through their website, as well as connecting with them on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook

We’ll see you in Agust! Credit: Margherita von Aulock for Photography.


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