Maija Ziga – Visualisation

Maija Ziga – Visualisation

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I am a Winchester School of Art graduate of YR’15 and now working as a self – employed graphic designer / visual communicator, moving my way towards something greater. Truthfully speaking the journey, I had whilst being at University and now is very different and it has been challenging at times. It still can be a bit of an adventure with its own ups and downs, and dead ends. Every now and then it takes me back to square one but it would be stupid to give up when something goes wrong. That’s the beauty of design journey.

I always do or tell myself something that keeps me going – something that inspires. Everyone needs that little push / thought that would make them think and question everything – I do. Be curious about something every day!

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” Albert Einstein.

That’s a little intro about me as an artist and person, which then takes me into my practice and how I apply my curiosity within it.




“Are You Beach Body Ready?” was my favourite project I worked on. It is a visual representation of a selection of 300 negative and 47 positive comments made over the Protein Worlds ad campaign “Are you beach body ready” using information collected from 10 different online newspaper sources made over 24 hour period.




Branding project set by Ico and BEAR London – Northern Tale is my own design identity that would popularise fish such as herring.

Scandinavian illustration based on a mythological story I wrote to support the concept of my brand. It’s been printed on various size jars filled with herring fish. I have displayed my brand in the Hambledon shop in Winchester, which is all about the clean and edgy Scandinavian design.

Designs that are simple and clean have always visually appealed to me a lot more, which inspired me to work in this specific style. It also developed my brand identity. Working with what I love and enjoy makes me want to stay at my desk that extra couple of hours at the end of the day.



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