Helen Stout – Visualisation

Queen Victoria Drawing – Pencil. Completed this illustration of a Queen Victoria bust in Kelvingrove Museum Art Gallery. It took me 3 and a half hours and was part of the Scottish Schools Art Competition.
Art Deco Style Painting in acrylic. Completed painting took between eight or nine hours due to the level of detail and pen work involved.
Still Life Composition in acrylic, A3. Final piece for my National 5 Expressive Folio.
Twiggy Painting, L- Watercolour, R – Acrylic and pen.
Helen Stout
Introducing Helen, a high school student from Glasgow spending her time drawn between portraiture and landscape.  
As a high school student from Glasgow, I have spent the past two exam filled years focusing primarily on portraiture and occasionally dabbling in abstract design and landscape pieces. Tending to complete all my work by hand and illustrations from my imagination usually just with pen, I find it more freeing.
As an artistic style I’m still exploring. A variation of all areas of art and styles yet I am vastly inspired by Klimt and artists I follow on Instagram ( Andrew Salgado, Erik Jones, Jacob Van loon and many more).
I have been attending classes at Glasgow School of Art for the past five years and that has dramatically affected my art style as I just kind of go with it now and am not afraid to experiment with any idea I have in my head. My new ideology is that it’s only paper so in essence it’s only a blank canvas. This also helps with the fear of the first mark.
The classes also provide me with an opportunity to be more free with paint as I’m not concerned about keeping my bedroom carpet white. Last year I joined a portraiture class where I got to paint from life for the first time. Another first was using oil paint so I had no clue what I was doing. But you need that in art – the unknown – because you really have nothing to lose, just gain. And that’s why I just like going with it.
Everything you see on my Instagram (@helenstout) isn’t particularly laboured or planned as I do the vast majority of my painting in 2-4 hours and illustrations in a fraction of that. I do my art to please myself, and share it because I am proud of what I have produced in my 12 by 8 feet-bedroom.
And I trust that you enjoy it too!

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