Gordon Berger – Visualisation

Gordon sat with his final artwork

This week we’re displaying the work of Gordon Berger – over to Gordon to introduce himself and his creative explorative work:

Gordon Berger is a young talented and aspiring contemporary artist with passion for the fine arts. He exhibits unique painting styles, most notably his expression in the form of a continuous line that brings his subjects to life and gives his paintings a sense of movement and rhythm. His seductive exploration of colour is informed by clarity and confidence through all of his paintings. From bold lines to chaotic use of paint and pastel Gordon has a distinctive approach that really stands out.

Final Piece

His work is mainly like a dialog with himself about life and the world that we live in, it’s like writing a diary about life. He depicts life by representing experiences through layers in a way that they interlace and the mix of their individual meanings creates a story for itself. By composing his own mixtures and constituting particular textures and colours he catches the attention of a viewer. There is a certain level of ambiguity present in his work that leaves space for the viewer to interpret the message himself.

Final Piece

One might notice a graffiti vibe in his style. This originates from his practise with street graffiti when he was 13 years old that later resulted in confidence and freedom for painting large size canvases. Since his current practise is significantly formed both by his graffiti experience and traditional way of painting that he was though in art school, he tends to mix various mediums. Combining acrylic paint, pastel with sprays and markers.


Gordon was voted most gifted student from the highly respected Belgrade School of Design. The Ministry of Art and Culture of Serbia has chosen Gordon to join a newly created program for the most promising young artists in 2014.

Gordon’s sketchbook work

Gordon who was born in Vancouver, Canada is currently studying BA Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins in London where he will be further developing his artistic expression and create art that inspires others.

Final Piece

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