Judas Magazine


Judas Magazine – The Heroes Issue

“We are not going to tell you what to think or what to wear. Our mission is to spark people’s imagination and cultivate opinion. Ideas can change the world.” Welcome to Judas magazine, who we came across on Instagram and Facebook. How did you come up with this concept and what do you wish to perceive from it?

Most times I open a fashion magazine I feel like someone’s talking to me like I’m dumb. There are articles about how to wear the season’s colour, how to not look my age and loads of pictures of people that I should try to emulate. But who are they? What have they achieved to become anyone’s role model? And why should I wear something the way someone else wants me to? I feel like today’s media, particularly when it’s targeted at women, is extremely patronising. And we, as readers, have stopped asking questions. We are submissive.

This feeling propelled me to create the concept for a different kind of magazine. I want to offer people an alternative that empowers them so that they feel like they are good enough.

Dark Supreme – Internal Spread

As proud outcasts of the 21st Century, who do you look up to and for what reasons in interest and admiration in young women? 

I look up to people that I encounter in my daily life that have overcome challenging situations when the odds were against them. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to avoid famous names here, because a lot of people that inspire me are everyday people from my life- like the single mum raising three kids on their own or an art student working double shifts to pay for tuition. But if I had to mention one name, I’d have to say Caryn Franklin. I knew her work from TV and early I-D magazine, but last year when I was doing my masters at London College of Fashion, she was studying there too. I couldn’t believe it! That a woman with such an amazing career was humble enough to keep on learning, that was inspiring!

Roller Mates

 If a contributor were to make contact with you, how would they go about doing so and what do you look for?

Since Judas is the new kid, we are especially keen in collaborating with other people that share our spirit. The easiest way to do it is through the email: info@judasmag.com. I’m looking for talented and passionate non-conformists that come up with fresh ideas and don’t take themselves too seriously. Sense of humour is a must!

10 Reasons Why You Should Give A Crap – Internal Spread

Print vs Digital – a topic we’re keen to discuss (of course). Which three benefits do you find the printed magazine holds against the digital?

I used to think I loved paper because I was a romantic, but then Porter (a magazine issued by the on-line luxury giant Net-a-Porter) came out and I realised that it’s more than that. Paper balances the fleetingness of online content and, if you want to actually make a connection with your audience, you need to have it. The photos look even more beautiful when printed; you can take it anywhere with you – even to places with no Wi-Fi! and you develop a connection with it. Albeit being intelligent, we’re still animals – we value smell and feel. Printed magazines are something that you can collect; bring into your own world even tear to bits if you want to. They’re yours, while online content is for everyone. You don’t value it as much.

Meet the Candidates – Internal Spread

Tell us a little something quirky about each member from your team… 

Our Beauty Editor, Andreia, is quite famous for her ability to find a good bargain.

Agata, our Social Media Manager, adores everything pink.

Our Art Director, Barbara, has the cutest lip frenulum piercing ever!


“Judas puts a well manicured finger up to contemporary consumer culture” Andrew Tucker, fashion journalist, author and consultant. This is a quote pulled from your ‘About’ page – utterly brilliant!! Have there been a few other quotes that have stuck in mind when it comes to the idea behind your magazine?

One quote that really inspired the magazine comes from Uscha Pohl. I found it when I was reading MagCulture: New Magazine Design and it really stuck with me because it said all the things I was thinking, but couldn’t find the right words to express. It’s a bit long for a quote, but sums up the reasons that made me start Judas.

“What does that mean? ‘Being individual?’ What can we define ourselves with, offset ourselves against, even rebel against if all – acceptable – forms are labelled, marketed. With the fall of the wall, decline of ‘the other’ ideology, there are no obvious choices, rights or wrongs. Only cool and uncool. No obvious enemy. Just ourselves, constituting a slow creepy-crawly danger in our own self destruction, which tends to go largely ignored in view of more immediate financial gains or losses. What now. A pastiche society. Teenagers wearing ‘Baader-Meinhof’ T-shirts, ‘punks’ with $500 hairdos, people watching Pearl Harbour without any previous knowledge of the event. A mayhem of no belief. Everything is possible but no reason to do anything, is there?”

Who has been well and truly inspired to literally run to their local magazine shop and purchase a physical copy of this issue? You?! Well good… Get down to one now or you can order a copy from their website here



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