Ben Kite – Visualisation

Collage One

As a collagist myself (Nicola), collage is always an inspiration seeing and hearing about it – from the guest lectures that I’ve attended straight for where I’m going to be based at a car boot sale (by the books, obviously). Ben’s work caught my eye, so I’ve asked a little more from him and to explain his process. You can also find his work across Twitter, Flickr and Instagram

My name is Ben Kite and I’m a Multi Disciplinary Graphic Artist and Photographer from the West Midlands. My work takes many forms and I constantly try to investigate a variety of different mediums and techniques in order to explore a wide range of effects and outcomes. Through my work, I endeavour to communicate a sense of message, as well as an overall theme. This often can be left ambiguous to truly connect to a viewer, enabling them to form their own opinions and interpretations.

Collage Two

My collage pieces are a collection of imagery that I find appealing and interesting, particularly in the more subtle minutiae that I inject into them. I have an innate love of the ‘collection’ and exploring old magazines, maps, archives and books is crucial to my collaging process. Another important part of my creative practice is words. Lyrics, poetry, phrases and the display of words on pages inspire my work, often pushing me to explore particular concepts and ideas. In my collage work, the words and phrases included are often the things that I begin with, and I build the pieces around them.

Collage Three



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