Drip For Drip


Who doesn’t love illustration and coffee? Well if there’s a few of you out there saying no, we’re VERY disappointed. Welcome to Drip For Drip, who can also be found on Twitter and Instagram, a great world where the two combine – quite literally. We’ve come across your company and LOVE how you’ve placed coffee and illustration together. How did you come up with the concept Wijtze?

The concept is inspired by a big coffee shop chain from Seattle who pour their coffees in artist-edition red cups come holiday season. Although I am not a coffee-on-the-go fan, I really like the cup and plastic lid as a canvas for art. I was thinking of ideas to do a collaboration project with fellow artists but the main issue I had was that I didn’t want to ask them to work for free. That’s why I wanted it to be a trade: the participating artist trades their coffee cup for mine. That way, money isn’t involved and we still get to work on a fun personal project that we can share online. Technically, I had to do some testing in making the coffee cup template that we use for the artwork, building the Drip For Drip website and shipping the two cups to the participating artist. That’s a process I am still fine-tuning.

Wijtze Valkema

Sum up Drip For Drip in five words… 

Artists Love Coffee & Trade Illustrations.

How do you go about selecting the illustrators you choose for the coffee cups?

I have been lucky to have collaborated with a few artists I’d been a fan of for quite a while, which has given me the courage to contact illustrators that I’d earlier on believed were out of my league. I tend to contact artists that have a style similar to mine – often digital, geometric and shape based designy-illustrators – but actually I have really enjoyed traded artwork with people with different, more organic styles. I try to bookmark at least one new artist per week, looking for their work on Instagram, Behance and Dribbble.

Tour De France

Explain your working process with the creative – do you set them a set brief, or let them go their own way?

The zero-budget approach I talked about puts me in a position where I don’t get to Art Direct the Artist. I believe this project should feel just like a personal project would, so apart from picking a theme and a colour palette, there’s no brief involved. I also don’t ask for concept sketches or revisions. Half the fun for me is not knowing what the illustration will look like. I try to guide and brief the artists technically though, providing design templates, and having a clear project management. The least a free project should offer is proper project management, although it’s crazy to see how often a collaborative project lacks exactly that.

Joren Joshua

Coffee time – latte, flat white or black coffee? Or are you secretly a tea drinker… 

I have a Chemex coffee maker at home that I really love. It makes beautifully light coloured, mellow tasting coffee without losing any of the deep flavours. I drink my coffee black. Occasionally I’ll go for a soy latte from a coffee shop. As for tea: I like keeping up the coffee-drinking-designer, but actually there’s a whole lot of tea involved in my day. After two cups of coffee, I switch to chamomile or green teas.


Tell us something about you, Wijtze, as an individual that will surprise us. 

I am crazy about cycling. I ride a Cyclocross bike and have an extra wheel set to take it to the roads as well. I watch a lot of races on TV and have an online fantasy cycling team obsession. A lot of my personal work is connected to cycling. I have been a bike messenger in the past, one of the funniest side-jobs I’ve had. I try to use my car as little as I can which is why you’ll often find me riding my city bicycle with an impossibly full front basket.

Fonzy Nils

So, tell us how do you we get in touch with you if we want to create one of these amazing coffee cups ourselves, and where it will it be seen?

I actively look for and contact the artists I’d like to trade artwork with, but I am always happy to receive portfolio suggestions. Links and motivation can be sent to: info@bamseontwerpt.nl

The Drip For Drip editions are curated through Instagram and the main website Drip For Drip. The photographed cups are dummies, basically paper cylinders with a plastic lid on top, to keep production costs low and environmental-friendly. I ship both cup dummies to the participating artist, and of course I have all editions up on a shelve in my studio. Occasionally the cups are included in an exhibition. I am also exploring possibilities in doing brand-sponsored Drip For Drip editions that can be used for events and promotion. I am also preparing a special edition for Christmas this year.

Leap Day

How do you go about setting the themes for your cups?

Sometimes I look for a mutual area of interest with an artist (books, movies etcetera), sometimes I pick a holiday or event. Just as long as it’s enough to spark an idea that’s fun to work on.


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