Charlotte Hines – Visualisation


Welcome to the wonderful, yet quirky world, of embroidery – quite unlike things we’ve seen before! Let’s pass you over to Charlotte, who is the creator of this rather unique set of images… 

My name is Charlotte Hines an 19-year-old student from Somerset, currently studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I’m heading to university in September to study Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. I work from a small home studio where I paint, draw and embroider. Even though I enjoy using many mediums, my most common medium and the one I’m always drawn to is hand embroidery.


I am inspired by anything and everything, spending a lot of time doodling designs that can be turned into embroideries. I mostly work on a small scale, enjoying the intimacy and really focussing on the craftsmanship of the individual stitches. Using both dark imagery, alongside sarcastic humour I experiment with the ways of working. As someone who has suffered from mental health issues for many years I find comfort in toying with this dark humour, combining sarcastic phrases with skulls, bones and other symbols. It’s a great release for me, allowing me to express my emotions in a productive and beautiful way.

Love Yourself

Skulls and flowers have been a constant source of fascination and inspiration for me and always seem to crop up in my work. Recently, through my final major project, I have been focussing a lot on symbolism, using historical and cultural symbols to create designs in both paint and stitch.

Cats Before Twats

One thing I have started to develop recently is a selection of hand embroidered patches, featuring sarcastic phrases or doodled designs. These have been fun to work on and I will be continuing to develop designs even when heading out to university. I like the idea of patches as wearable art and this has inspired me to build compact yet exciting designs that can be worn and shared.


I never have a firm process. Sometimes I run head first into a design, while at other times I need to carefully plan out my ideas. Usually I start with a thumbnail design, then transfer it into stitch with a colour palette in mind. I use mostly split stitch in my work, as I love the aesthetic quality it provides.



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