Print Wagon


Print Wagon, is a print spectacle on wheels. We got talking to Aidan Saunders, the face behind it all, to get to know a little more. If you want to find out more then make sure you follow Print Wagon on the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

So, explain to us in a sentence what it is you do?

Travelling illustrator and printmaker.
Talk us through the production of your working studio and how you come about your final pieces?
Uhm well mainly it all starts off with a doodle and I go with it. For my linos I usually just draw straight on to the lino and see what appears.
Name three artists as your inspirations…
Jonny Hannah; I remember seeing his work when on Art Foundation and it pushed me to experiment with print, Adrian Johnson; his compositions are insane and Jim Flora; because his work bends my mind.
From puppets and badges to books – you really do produce it all. Which do you find are your top sellers and why do you think that is?
Freshly pressed linos from my wagon; I think it’s because it’s an interactive process and the observer gets to see their very own print made before their eyes.
Explain a day in the life of Aidan Saunders – where can we normally find you and what are your daily habits?
Haha nothing too exciting, spend a lot of time drawing indoors like a hermit when I’m not travelling around. I sound like an old man but I do like to go on walks, it’s amazing what happens sometimes when you just mosey about.
Pick three items from your working studio and explain your choice in these three and how they support your work…
I can’t really think of any objects that support my work, but I do love my little collection of Cowboy and Indians that I have dotted around. I do also have a beautifully printed ticket that ‘admits one’ from a drive in movie I went to in Canada, which I know sounds strange but it’s a very beautiful ticket haha. And third item would be my matchbox theatre.
Quick round questions!
Print or digital? Print 
Badges or books? Books
Colour or black and white? Uuhhhh colour
People or places? People
Lino-cuts or screen printing? Lino

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