Gemma Travers – Visualisation

Gemma Travers is a practicing artists from Glasgow, we were exploring Instagram when coming across her work – and here it is! A collection of beautifully hand-painted visuals from the lady herself. 
I am 22 and currently practice in Glasgow, however graduated from Grays School of Art in Aberdeen. Working mostly with oil paint, ink and model making I explore themes of memory, collective/ shared memory, feelings of nostalgia and story telling. Greatly influenced by the works of Cindy Sherman, Jeff Wall and Matthias Weischer. I aim to create an ambiguous visual image to playfully challenge the viewer.
My hope is that the viewer projects themselves into the story line and depending on their personal experiences and feelings dictates how my work is received.
Projects I am currently working on at the moment are to put on a visual show with PHD History student, Rachel Hewitt, from Glasgow Caledonian University and Charity Epilepsy Scotland to raise awareness of the condition and to allow the public access to records and archives that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible to them. Also I am exhibiting with a Childhood Memory Show with Gabriel Fine Arts, London in October.

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