Ilma Aulia Zaim – Visualisation


Soapbox Press is renowned for sharing creatives work, but approaching Ilma was a slightly different matter as she works as an Art Director now but has a wonderful approach to photography. Connect with her across LinkedIn, BlogTwitter and Instagram to find out more as we shall say no more and let the photos and Ilma do the talking:

Ilma is as a visual communicator from Bandung, Indonesia, enjoying work on everything related to branding and advertising. She is graduated from Visual Communication Design in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), concentrating in Creative Advertising. Before joining Honda R&D Southeast Asia, as her first career opening as an in-house graphic designer, she was a junior Art Director in a multinational advertising agency in Jakarta. Ilma completed a Master degree majoring Marketing which later brought her to a new career as a lecturer in School of Business and Management ITB, teaching advertising, branding and business communication.


She enjoys travelling and her experiences during her travels have led her to consider how she can combine her knowledge of marketing and her expertise in design in the tourism industry. Alongside teaching, she is also working as a project manager and a Art Director in a start up production house named Embara Films, doing video projects focusing on tourism. She has just been awarded a scholarship and intended to pursue doctoral degree in tourism marketing focusing on visual communication approach this September 2016 intake in a university in London.


Recently, she has just found a new hobby in photography! She incidentally found her dad’s old Nikon analogue camera while helping her mom making up their house. After having the camera repaired, she started taking pictures using Kodak Color Plus 200 roll film. Film photography is very challenging especially in this digital era where everyone is using sophisticated photography devices. As a beginner, she learnt hard to shoot using a manual film camera. Nowadays, it is also a bit difficult to find 35mm roll film and analogue photography lab to scan the result. She can not wait to move to London this year and take many more analogue pictures in awesome places, so watch this space!



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