Melita Berg – Visualisation


Welcome to the wondrous world of Melita Berg – fiery and young, just as her Instagram states. If you like what you see from the following visuals then keep in the loop with Melita and her work through her Facebook and watch her WAYFINDING project that was led for Birmingham City University, right here… Let’s hand ourselves over to the girl herself:



I never sleep. I’ll always choose sketching, playing, creating over sleep. Pen on paper is my way of meditation, some people lose themselves when they are in the shower, and this is what makes me lose myself in the moment.  I’m very self-indulgent when it comes to my work and I will stay up till 2am most nights just to practice and try something new.

Some of my patterns are open letters, so if there is something stuck on my mind, I can pick up some ink and get it all of my chest plus it leaves a little bit of me in every design.



Geometry, colour, pattern, free-hand lettering is what I play around with daily.

When I was asked what I want to specialise in, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Geometry and colour as such are two incredibly huge topics that can be applied to print, editorials, photography, branding, installations, anything really. I want to master them as much as I physically through my practise.

My Instagram is where all these day to day pieces work and they are just as BRIGHT & BOLD as me. I like to put up the unpolished, hand-drawn versions as well as the working progress, because some of it is more exciting than the finish.



I don’t know where I want to go yet, but if I keep doing what I love, my work will show me where I need to be. Hopefully it’s somewhere wonderful. I would love to learn from passionate and funky creatives, maybe a small studio in the UK or abroad.

Fingers crossed.

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