Zoe Prosser

DPT – Noise 

Zoe Prosser, a undergraduate student currently studying at Winchester School of Art! Four years (well, nearly) after graduating there we ask Zoe a little about what it’s like now and if it’s changed. Tell us a little about your background and interest in motion graphic; where did it all start?

I have been making animations since I was a kid. At school my friend and I didn’t want to write an essay so we animated a lego stop frame video. I also used to use Movie Maker a lot and animated little clips in Flash. When it came to WSA I wasn’t really sure which pathway I was going to choose, I’d just finished Graphic Design A-Level but my work was quite illustrative. We did taster projects for all four pathways and I knew the motion pathway was going to suit me best.

NATS – Final Major Project

Describe yourself in a paragraph for those who may not know your name with a quirky fact squeezed in there…
I am a motion graphics student who dyes their hair a lot and likes to make bad jokes. My work is usually quite colourful and uses a variety of animation techniques.

NATS – Final Major Project

What would an ideal work placement or internship be like for you? 

Somewhere where I can learn new skills. This year I’ve done a bit of interaction design so it would be great to get a bit more experience with that.

How do you feel the transition between education and work will be for you?

Hopefully it will be okay! I enjoyed my industry brief this year, and I think designing for a real client is more rewarding, especially when they liked what I presented. This year our motion space has been like a mini studio this year with everyone talking about their work with each other.

Visual Ethos

How have you found Winchester School of Art advance you, name three experiences as to using their equipment or facilities that has been a benefit on your practice…
Recently the Inkubator workshops really helped me with learning Unity for my Final Major Project; we built a racing game and then projection mapped it onto a real version of the track on the floor. So that was fun to work on.
We completed an industry project for NATS (National Air Traffic Control Services) earlier this year and I prototyped an app that involved 3D printed planes. I got to play with the little plastic 3D printer as well as getting models made by the big resin 3D printer.
For our Degree Show Kickstarter, I had the idea of making a pack of cards featuring the work of students from our course as a prize. We are using the risograph to print them, which is pretty cool because doing motion I don’t use the printing facilities that often.

Title Sequence – Dye

Pick three objects from your working space and explain the reasoning behind these options and how they inspire your creativity…

I have a plastic dinosaur called Damo, and he has his own instagram account (@damodinosaur). He’s an infinite source of inspiration, and procrastination.
I keep a tub of plasticine on my desk, partly for if I’m stuck for ideas, and partly for giving me a reference when modelling on Cinema4d. I think if you’ve been on a computer for a long time; it’s good to have something physical to play with to keep you sane.
I also have a little glass cat I bought in New York, which is meant to bring you luck. It’s cute and I would say I’ve been pretty lucky this year so I guess its working.
Most inspirational quote heard?
While making my game for Final Major Project it was: 
“A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” – Shigeru Miyamoto


Quick Round Questions:

Morning or Evening? Evening

Illustration or Graphics? Motion!

Pub or Bar? Pub

Animals or People? People

London or Winchester? London

If you like Zoe’s work and are interested to find out a little more and see her other projects, you can visit her website, Twitter, or even Instagram account!


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