Katie Williams – Visualisation

Katie Williams is a lovely lady – through illustrating in a traditional mixed medium and having successfully been highly commended for the Pan Macmillan Illustration competition for her publication ‘Why the Sea is Salt’, she has sent through the following work for us all the see…

“The Evacuation of St. Kilda”

I’m a final year Illustration student living and working in Manchester. I love discovering and telling stories and I’m inspired a lot by folklore, myth and cultural heritage.

“The Evacuation of St. Kilda”
Telling the heartbreaking story of the last few days of the inhabitants of a tiny island 150 miles from the coast of North West Scotland before they were evacuated in 1930.

My work is usually a mixture of painting, collage and scribbles and I like trying to find a balance between chaos and control. (I’ll spend one day madly splattering huge pieces of paper to make textures, and the next carefully cutting out tiny shapes.) My process always starts in a sketchbook, but I love hunting through old photos in library books for inspiration for my characters.

“Why The Sea Is Salt”
My adaption of the old Norse folktale “Why The Sea Is Salt” as a children’s picture book.
A story of magic, troll forests and a town that overflows with herrings!
After graduation I want to produce books for children, possibly grown-up children too.
Come and find me on Instagram!

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