Cindy Doyle – Visualisation

As an Illustration graduate, Cindy Jane Doyle is currently based in London. Focusing on freelance and personal work, she shows through her Website and Behance page. Before we tell you more let’s hand it over to Cindy herself:
My work focuses on visually interesting and unique looking people I observe on my travels, including human interactions. Playing with space, memory, identity, textures, angles and perspective.
I work mostly with ink and marker pens initially, sometimes taking it in to Photoshop to add extra textures. Also I work with mixed media such as acrylic, colour pencils and watercolour. Influences come from graphic novels and contemporary Asian art and inspiration from everyday people. I’m big fans of Adrian Tomine and Yuko Shimizu.
My on-going project; People in the City, started in my university class when we were assigned to record what we saw around us in public places. For artists it’s a great way to practice composition and proportions. This took my decision to incorporate it into a daily exercise challenge, I never kept a diary as a child so I find my sketchbook and camera as a fun visual life diary.
I’m enthused by the ‘Everyday Beautiful’; seeking out scenes and nature that would not normally be perceived as visually alluring. I like to record observations of the London city life and draw people anywhere I can, from cafe’s to public transport. I particularly find the back of people’s heads and hair visually alluring. Hair is one of the most diverse characteristics of a person and makes each one of us unique. You can tell a lot from a person without looking at their face first, so I like to capture it in my work.
Being of mixed heritage and an only child, I’ve always found it difficult to put myself into a place where I felt I belonged and having nobody to relate things to. But I find solace in that there are people around the world who feels the same way, so I focus on celebrating identity and culture by capturing hairstyles, facial features and fashion trends.

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