Holly Macedo – Visualisation


LADY LOTUS –  A personal project inspired a Japanese tale of a flower blooming with a silent, beautiful face and the centre. Myths and fairytales have a beautiful way of blurring fantasy and reality, human and nature.

Welcome to the quirky world of Holly Macedo, who you can also follow via Twitter, Behance and Instagram. Her work explores pattern design like you’ve never seen before… Precedently we’ll hand over to Holly herself:

Hello! I’m Holly Macedo: textile/surface pattern designer, keeper of cats and library fan. My favourite aspect of pattern design is that my work can be printed on great lengths of material for clothes, wallpaper, stationary…there are endless possibilities! Through my work I aim to inspire others to create wonderful things! As a seamstress, the potential of fabric has always excited me. As a hoarder, I’ve amassed an overwhelming collection that I’ll finally tackle at retirement! My ambition is to be able to work from anywhere in the world, working freelance for different studios and/or through a successful online business.


INKLINGS – Designed and made for a baby comfort blanket. I love children’s prints because they are vivid and imaginative, less trend-led. I love how the simple shapes of these dragons contrast with their inky, dappled skin- a soft alternative to scales.

I find inspiration from books, the unavoidable Internet and my surroundings. I love seeing the new forms of plants that spring up daily by my home. I’ve always admired the work of Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt and Alberto Giacometti. Their work is large, expressive and full of beautiful shapes. Also a fashion fan, the exquisite embellishment and details of Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana and Dior make my heart race. Another great source of inspiration is, I hesitate to admit, Instagram. It’s easy and fun to find artists of many different disciplines.

CUNDEGONDE’S PEACOCKS – I constructed this costume for a live performance of Candide by Voltaire. I wanted all elements to reflect this comically spoilt, exaggerated character so I designed and screen-printed this peacock pattern onto 6 metres of silk taffeta. I love expressing character and concepts through details that you may only see on closer inspection- I strive for this in all my work.



SQUID SQUAD – My Spoonflower ‘Ocean Conservation’ competition entry, which made the final selection! Squids are recognised as indicators of the ocean’s health. Plus, baby squids are surprisingly adorable! I scattered them across my interpretation of the tide’s movement.



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