Crafty Fox Market


Hello Sinead and the Crafty Fox Market workers! It’s a delight to know that you work in the heart of London, Somerset House – such a beautiful place to work and across all seasons. How did you come about the company?

I started Crafty Fox Market back in 2010. The idea was to create a market with the makers at its heart, providing a supportive, affordable way for them to meet lots of customers. At that time, we were living in Brixton and I was working full-time in events and communications for a university.

Keen for a creative outlet, I had begun making jewellery and selling via and at markets around London. That gave me a really good insight into the challenges faced by designer-makers. I ran the market along with my husband alongside a full time job for two years before making the leap to a fully-fledged business after I had my son in 2012. It’s grown very organically and we now run markets in a variety of locations across London and beyond seasonally (spring, autumn, winter) as well as business talks and meet-ups to support our creative community.


Sinead you’ve worked in fundraising and events before, so what do you find the pros and cons and how much do they differ from one another?

I really enjoy being self-employed and have never looked back since ‘quitting the day job’. The flexibility works well with having a young child and I like being in charge of my own workload. It’s challenging having to make all the decisions myself and I’m constantly learning but I enjoy the challenge and I love being able to surround myself with creative people.

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Crafty-Fox-Dogstar-4.10.15 19

You tend to host a whole selection of events across London town, from exhibitions and events to even being included in a TED talk. How have you found this process?

I love the variety of working in different venues across town and having the freedom to get involved in a wide range of events. It’s challenging to find affordable venues in London, which are also practical for large public events and I spend a lot of time visiting venues to scope them out. I love creating new events and have lots of ideas for the future so watch this space!

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Tell us something that will surprise us…

The highest priced item that has sold had a Crafty Fox Market was a £700 original piece of art – I love the disconnection between the environment of a market in a pub in Brixton and the ability for artists to sell original works of art.

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Crafty-Fox-Dogstar-photo by Yeshen Venema

Quick Round Questions:

Coffee or tea? Tea – I’m currently pregnant and have completely gone off coffee.

Favourite meal? I love Thai food!

Events or exhibitions? I think it would have to be an event – anything that involves bringing lots of people together.

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Crafty-Fox-Peckham-13-12-15 15

If you’re a lover for Crafty Fox Market and want to find out a little more about what Sinead creates then join her Website as well as social media blogs including Facebook, Instagram and follow her tweets on Twitter. We love what she creates!! 


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