Robyn Ridley – Visualisation


We would love to introduce you to Robyn Ridley, an advanced freelance illustrator who has a passion for illustrating birds (speaking of which you can funnily enough check out her own tweets…). Before we say anything more we’ll hand over to Robyn herself:

I’m never quite sure where to start when talking about what I do. I guess I will begin by introducing myself; my name is Robyn Ridley and I am a freelance illustrator. From a young age I always enjoyed drawing and after doing my A-Levels, I knew it’s what I wanted to do full time. So I went to UCA in Farnham to do a foundation in art and design before going on to LCC to do a degree in Graphic and Media Design. I specialised in Illustration and used my time to really develop my own style; if I’m honest my style is still developing as I go. That’s the great thing about illustration, it’s ever changing and you have the freedom to create whatever you want.


I’m currently working on a lot of self initiated work as I like to try and do drawing every day, whether it’s a doodles or something more substantial. The 100-day project on Instagram has also been a good excuse for me to draw the most random things I can think of. The illustrations I have picked out here are a selection from both that and the Colour Collective on twitter, which is a brilliant group of artists who get together and share work every Friday.


I don’t really have a set theme for the things that I draw, I tend to just doodle whatever thing comes to mind, although I do have my favourites. Character designing and birds are probably my go to subjects. They are just something that I can really have fun with; line work and pattern is also another aspect of my illustrations that has developed over the past year or so. I think the detail gives the illustrations something that draws the eye in which is important.


Most important of all, I want to create pieces that make people laugh or smile. If I can do that with my illustration then I have succeeded. I really love drawing and I hope that I can continue to do so, as well as improving and evolving.

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