Summer Du Plessis – Visualisation

Summer Du Plessis (who is part of the Drawn Chorus Collective publish and sell their work in London) is an illustrator, print-maker and writer. Let’s hand over to the one and only Summer herself!

Bowie Comic

I was born in the desert.

Well, not exactly. I was born in a hospital in a city of little light and many stars; Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. The main visual experiences of my childhood were vast empty spaces, big skies, dramatic thunderstorms and harsh desert light. Every Sunday my mum would set me down to paint on newspaper spread out on the concrete floor and I have been creating visual work in one way or another ever since.


I moved to London with my family when I was 16 and have been here seven years. I recently graduated from a BA in Illustration at Middlesex University. My current work is colourful; unsettlingly so. The colours I use have an unusually bright quality to them, which I can only connect to my early experience of desert light. The discovery and exploration during my degree of print processes such as silkscreen and risograph has drawn me towards the use of fluorescent colours.

Golden Gate

I like the unsettling feeling fluorescent colours produce, how difficult they are to look at yet how impossible it is to look away. Thematically, I am inspired by things that are colourful on the outside, but sinister or melancholy on the inside; things that are not what they appear, bright yet broken, like the life of Frida Kahlo, the disintegration of the hippie movement, theatre, carnival and the absurd.


The quality of the colours and textures produced by traditional printing processes has interested me in small press publishing. I am interested in the book as an object and the relationship between text and image, and I enjoy meeting and talking to others who push and bend this relationship in different ways.


When I’m not in the print room, you can usually find me sketching. I use crayons, watercolours and brush pens in my sketchbook when I’m out drawing on location. My favourite places to draw are museums with odd or macabre collections, pubs and jazz bars. I’m very lucky to be part of a great collective, Drawn Chorus, and we have lots of exciting things in the works, including a zine about jazz and an exhibition in Brick Lane in summer 2017. So keep an eye out!

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If you like Summer’s work and want to see more just explore her Instagram and Twitter accounts!! 


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