Emma Burr


As a Graphic Communication newly graduate from Bath School of Art and Design, we welcome you to the world of Emma Burr. Whilst working on her social media accounts Twitter and Instagram, she graduated this year!! How did you find the transition through the years of university?

First and second year were great to gain as many skills as I could. Third year I was able to put these in to practice at a much more professional level and be experimental whilst given the opportunity to write my own briefs.



Architecture – Two

How do you think online design resources have influences the graphic design being produced today?

Greatly, people have such a short attention span now from the amount of browsing and scrolling we do. It allows us to be exposed to so much more than before.


Architecture – Three

Most inspirational quote heard?

Explaining problems solves about 70% of them.


Pick three items from your working studio and explain their story…

First would be bull dog clips, relied on heavily to organise my work. Second would be my pencil box, only equipment I rely on fits inside and lastly I would chose a mug of tea and chocolate wrappers, relied on heavily over the past year!



Your work in five words…

Typographic, clean, considered, subtle and experimental.


Talk us through your Final Major Projects and how you set about reaching the final productions?

We had three! But my favourite was ‘Perspective’, with an interest into contemporary art I wanted to curate and brand an exhibition. I researched and selected artists using neon light . The intention to advocate neon as a luxury art medium rather than its association with seduction. This led to the name perspective. I designed a exhibition guide, poster and invitation with a simple and minimal layout, using the titles and names playfully by reversing them across imagery. The project consisted of a lot of research into light artists, which was a total pleasure!

Beirut – One


What are you currently fascinated by and how it is feeding into your work?

Architecture, understanding the subject and portraying its different sides, whether it’s historic or modern future.

Perspective – Two

Where would we find you if you weren’t designing?

Can I say illustrating? Anything creative!


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