Lia Calleri – Visualisation


Introducing the one and only Lia Calleri, basing her studies in Bristol specialising in photography let’s see what she’s got up to during her first year…

My name is Lia Calleri and I’m a current student at Marseille-Mediterranean College of Art and Design (ESADMM) at Marseille (FR). My photography has been through everything from architectural to landscape, but I’ve recently began to become interested in the notion of private/public space through the idea of territory in relation to my place of life.


I created ‘Territory’ project, which combines places and portrait/human presence.
The idea to talk about space as territory is particularly bound to my place of temporary life during my exchange erasmus of six months abroad.

It was the first time living in university accommodation, where I share an apartment with completed strangers. It was the new blank space that I had to make my stamp on quickly.


Territory was a project in which I wanted to talk, to evoke a personal moment of my life during the first few days in Bristol. I chose to show a particular place; the bedroom. I spoke about this moment of life through the themes of solitude, of place of temporary life, silent objects and bright atmosphere.

Since the beginning, the purpose is to reinterpret moments lived on my life but as photographer I could not pose for my own photos. So, I chose one of my roommate to interpret it. This is Sylwia, she speaks very well in English but she also speaks another language; she’s Polish and she studies in England.


This situation to be foreign in another country, to live in a temporary bedroom during the time for studies. So I chose her as model to transmit my real-life experience, my moments of life in this bedroom, my feeling with regard to the place where I lived.

This photographic set consists of several images which depend one of the other one and come to create an idea of concept. This project is more of the order of the introspection, a feeling and a personal state of mind.

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