Emily Stewart

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Hello Data – Final Major Project

Emily Stewart. A young mind for looking to apply her hand at Graphic Design in the near future – keep those eyes out for her name! For those of you who don’t know who you are, can you briefly introduce yourself and what you specialise in?

I am a recent design graduate with a fierce love for experimenting and trying new things; whether it is food, countries to visit or design outcomes! I specialise in typographically-led outcomes, be it from apps, books or branding.

Hello Data – Final Major Project

Where do you interests lie and what would you most likely to aspire in being?

A lot of my work revolves around branding and marketing, as they have been keen interests of mine throughout my time at university. They’re the kind of projects you can really sink your teeth into! Ideally in the long run, I want to be running my own design agency doing this, wherever that could be – like London, Winchester, Bristol, etc.

Hello Data – Final Major Project

How do you feel the transition will be between university and work experience itself?

I feel like it’ll be like the jump between sixth form and university life – a great, big, massive learning curve! But since I’ve done it before and was able to keep up, I’m not intimidated by the thought of putting myself out there to get a job. I’m quite excited about the next step if anything!


Does the idea of working freelance appeal to you, or would you rather work for a company?

I do like the idea of freelance, as it would give me complete control over the design outcomes I produce. I can also be more ambitious with my ideas and potentially sway the client to believe in what I suggest. However, working with a company would give you people to bounce ideas off of, and I tend to imagine freelance work as a bit lonely sometimes!

Purnarjanm – Two

Describe your work in five words…

Colourful, typographic, multidisciplinary, international and experimental.


Name your inspirations, whether it’s books or people.

India is a massive inspiration to my work – I lived there for five years as a teen and will never shake the lasting visual impact it has had on my art and design work throughout my life. It’s where the idea for my ISTD book came from in the first place!

The Night Circus is my all time favourite book, and I can just imagine the circus-orientated typefaces & costumes each time I read it!

My mum is also a massive inspiration to me, being from a different Finland and moving over here 20 years ago, her tendency to take the plunge into the unknown has been something I’ve adopted in all aspects of my life!

Purnarjanm – Three

Quick round questions…Print or digital? Both.

Twitter or Instagram? Instagram.

People of Place? People

Winchester or London? London

Beer or wine? I’d take a glass of vino over beer any day!

Join us as we continue to look out for Emily’s work, which can also be found through her Instagram page too!


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