Chloe Evans – Visualisation

Can you name a 20 year old student studying at Birmingham City University who is just about to start her second year studying BA (Hons) Visual Communication: Illustration? The rather unique Chloe Evans

Finley Sausage Dog

I like to merge real life and the imaginary in my work to create happy and positive illustrations that I hope brings a little happiness to who ever may view it. I am influenced by day to day life in my work, social media and the environments around me, travelling to University means that I have to go on the train a lot so to pass the time I draw the people sat around me in my sketch book. My work is almost always based on a colour scheme of pastel colours. I’ve tried to stay away from pastel colours but they always seem to make an appearance! The mediums I mostly work in consist of watercolour, gouache paint, pencil, pen and then I digitally edited my drawings on Photoshop. I like how with this technique creates different textures as the drawing is fairly rough but the digital paint gives a light, soft effect.

Cat Person

I also love to work in 3D, using modelling clay, wire and papier-mâché to create fun characters. I’ve recently started to animate my work too. In my first year of illustration at university I started playing around with stop motion which was a lot of fun! I hope to animate more of my work in the future as I find this really brings my work to life!


Most of the time I work at my tiny desk at home which is always very messy, full of paint pots, paintbrushes, sketchbooks and other works in progress. One day I will hopefully have my own art studio and decorate it with other people’s art work to inspire me.

An illustrator that I really admire and who inspires me is Viktorija. She lives in London and has a small business (Andsmile Studio). Her work is full of friendly faces, patterns and bright colours which creates a really happy and positive vibe. Her work is just so pleasing to look at!

Glastonbury Portrait

In the future I would love to have my own successful design company which I’d sell various stationary, gifts and home ware with my work illustrated on.

A random fact about me: I like cats a bit too much and I will most likely be a crazy cat lady when I am older – haha!

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Want to see more of Chloe’s rather unique style? Join us by visiting her website, twitter, Etsy Shop, Instagram & Facebook page… See you there!



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