Nata Roshchenko – Visualisation


Nata Roshchenko aka August!

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I loved drawing ever since I was a kid. I like to think that I learnt how to speak very early on, just so that I can ask my mum for more paper and crayons. Back then, drawing was as essential and natural as breathing but I couldn’t even imagine that one day it would become my career. In teenage years, I managed to realise my dream and went to an arts college, in order to learn and master my artistic skills. Imagine how happy I was – the only thing I had to do was drawing! After graduation I worked as a game designer for 3 years, developing video games for kids, creating characters and endowing them with unique personalities.

It was a fun experience, but was it giving me that tangible feeling of actualising my soul desires? Not really. That’s when I saw my goal clearly – I wanted to illustrate books! Books were yet another passion of mine, and a mere thought of combining these two “loves” in one activity made my head explode with fireworks of happiness! I believe that illustrations are mini-stories by themselves, and illustrating a book lets me truly dive into the universe created by the writer, leaving a tiny part of myself in the drawings.

In my life, drawing plays a role of some universal language, allowing me to communicate my feelings and share my stories with the world. Isn’t it great that I can just paint a picture and people would understand it even if they don’t speak my language? I think this is true magic…



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