Sebastian König – Visualisation

Sebastian König

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Hi! My name is Sebastian König, freelance illustrator and designer based in Hambrug.  Mainly I work in my design Studio Una (Facebook) doing branding, design and editorial stuff, but since my studies as Graphic Designer with a lot of drawing courses I am also working in the field of illustration.


My very clean, tidy design work is the opposite from my illustration work. I am doing rough and quickly cutted, but well compositioned and colourful, minimalistic illustrations. I use to draw with the mouse and use my mac for composing and shaping. I am strongly influenced by observing and transfering real situations and pictures into my work.

Besides the flat illustrations I am doing in Adobe Illustrator, I am working towards real life versions of the drawings I am cutting out of coloured paper. The bigger versions of these works have such a great haptic and colorful effect. Check my Instagram if you want to see pictures of those.


I like to draw either asymetric, geometric and exciting abstract pictures or self-explanatory picture strips with adorable characters. I am getting a lot of inspiration from “seventees illustrators”, like Saul Bass or Alan Fletcher but as well from artists like Matisse or Picasso or even Paul Klee. I love to browse through collections of old stamps or modernistic posters too. The style I am working right now came a bit accidentally to me. I was always working with quick”clicked” sketches in illustrator to do complex and clean vector drawings. But I am very impatient sometimes. So one day I found the sketches better than the long time shaped drawings. So this style is a perfect match for me and seems to reflect my personality 😉


In the meantime I found ways to work on more complex ans long distance works. But I still like to see quick results when I am creating stuff.


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