Sam Pierpoint

Hello Sam and your lovely paper work illustration! How would you explain your paper illustrations to someone you’ve only just met?
I handcraft all of my creations from a range of fine quality papers, before photographing and editing the images digitally, to create each finished piece.
My work is used both commercially and artistically, for a variety of different purposes ranging from advertising campaigns, magazine covers, editorials, installations, set design, product packaging and window displays.

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Sam-PierpointKiehls - Artfully Made Campaign
Kiehls – Artfully Made Campaign

So your work in five words would be…
Vibrant, playful, dreamy, quirky, intricate.

Explain your working studio, because in my head there’s literally paper everywhere! Do you have a large working space for your own work?
Yes there is A LOT of paper in here but I manage to keep it organised by having lots of colour coded draws so that every piece has a home to go to 🙂 I used to stock up but now I just order the right amount of paper and selected colours on a project by project basis. That way the studio doesn’t get out of hand!

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Sam-PierpointPaper London - self initiated piece
Paper London – self initiated piece

Pick three items from your working space that are of most value to you and explain why you’ve chosen them.
My Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, my G.F Smith sample book and I couldn’t do without my Italian Greyhound puppy – Merlin. He’s always in the studio with me and is happy to go on a walk or run when I need a break!! Check out his Instagram page! He’s has more followers than me!!

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Sam-PierpointScreen grab from Goldsmiths 'Stand out to future employers' pop-up book short film
Screen grab from Goldsmiths ‘Stand out to future employers’ pop-up book short film

Stand Out to Employees – talk to us about the concept right through to final film, with Creative Forager… It must’ve been interesting to collaborate?
Yes it was great fun working with Creative Forager on the Goldsmiths – Stand Out To Future Employees project. There is something really exciting about working with people that are great at what they do as the final project is always something much better than I could do by myself.

I’ve since began working on a paper model for Bristol in fact and you can sneakily see it here.

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Sam-PierpointLush set design pieces

Quick Round Questions!
Herbal or builders tea? Herbal Tea
Biscuits or cake? Neither I’m a Coeliac haha!! Gluten free brownies taste pretty good though!!
Card or paper? Card
Concept or final piece? Final piece

If you want more of a taste to Sam’s magnificent paper illustrations then make sure you visit her website, as well as her Twitter, Instagram, Behance and Facebook Page

Soapbox-Press-Interview-Sam-PierpointReisling wine label illustration for Ten Miles East
Reisling wine label illustration for Ten Miles East
Soapbox-Press-Interview-Sam-Pierpoint-El Jimador - Beautiful Chaos Campaign
El Jimador – Beautiful Chaos Campaign

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