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For my Final Major Project in my final year of university, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and explore something completely new to me. All of my previous design work was heavily focused on typography or was very illustration based, so I wanted to create something a little different. This is the one project where you can do anything at all that you want, so I wanted to focus on the things that I love to do and create something totally new.


I have always been a very sentimental person, holding onto objects that hold memories and meaning to me, like festival wristbands, toys from when I was younger, cinema stubs, stones and shells, train tickets, etc. For my project, I decided to really delve into this hobby and expand my views on it, so I started to look at the objects that other people treasure, and why they treasure them.


To begin this, I had to summarise what objects I was looking for, and decided to call them “Memory Object”. By my own definition, these “Memory Objects” are souvenirs, mementos and keepsakes, such as postcards, shells, children’s toys etc, that hold sentimental value to the keeper of the object. I then chose to document and record (visually and verbally) one particular treasured “Memory Object” from as many people in my life as possible. I collected photos of all the objects and the stories surrounding them, documenting and archiving parts of these memories into a 5-minute audio piece and a self-bound book.


I think that I find these objects particularly fascinating because the memory objects that you collect and archive through your life build your identity and personal history. You are building your own personal museum, creating a physical history with physical memory objects. This is my favourite project to date as it was completely self directed, so it is about things that I am really passionate about: collecting, archiving and organising, and really allowed me to explore the world around me in a very personal, yet relatable, way.



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