Rhombus and Pineapple

Rhombus and Pineapple a studio made up of fine artists! I’d like to introduce yourself to Emily and Grace. We get to explore the studio, located in Devon (the good old West), and its inhabitants! If you wanted to see the studio and working space itself then by all means do, you can view their website, follow them on Instagram and Twitter and Like them on Facebook

First of all you really need to explain how you came up with the name and for what reasoning you stuck with it and pursued it?

Our joint Fine Art studio in the basement of Norwich Art School was nicknamed Rhombus and Pineapple because we had so many rhombus shapes and pineapples hanging around our desks. We adore shapes and eccentricity and felt the name really captured our vibe as well as having nice emotionally routed memories of when we first met and collaborated.


We also started a game called Rhombus and Pineapple – when you say Pineapple you make your body into the nearest object and when you say Rhombus you have to lie flat on the floor wherever you are. All sounds very unusual but that’s because it was and it was because we had just met our creative match and pineapples flew just like sparks.


You’ve gone up and in the creative world like a rocket! I bet you’re both extremely happy with where you’re both at. How do you build on what you’ve already created; building upon new concepts and products to test yourself?

Building cardboard rockets is one of our favourite things to do. We love new direction it gives us energy and we enjoy making challenges for ourselves. New designs new colours and styles all excite us so much and that’s what drives everything forward.


How did you find the transition between owning a shop and lecturing at universities a transition from education? Pretty big leap to go directly on to the ‘other side’ (so to speak).

It was a big change! But we we’re ready for it. The learning curves have been so steep it’s been practically like a circle. We’ve enjoyed every part of our journey and appreciated the highs and lows. We love it when people do exciting things with their art education and find it very inspiring.


Emily, describe Grace and what are her best and worst habits?

There really is nobody quite like Grace. Extremely bright, eccentric and prone to falling over her own feet. Her worst habit is disagreeing with me on colour we argue a lot then.


Grace… your turn now…

Emily is really prolific; she creates amazing things endlessly and has fantastic fun outings I can’t say no to, imagines great things we can do faster than I can keep up. It’s glorious habit that keeps me exhausted.


So now, Rhombus and Pineapple have grown to five figures and one chocolate Labrador called Noddy! He sounds super cute. How do you bounce off each other when it comes to getting things done within the company, or does everyone have a set schedule that they stick to?

We have just grown again we are now a team of seven! And can hardly believe it! Everybody has a list of jobs and an area they look after but we sit around one big table and distract each other a lot. When it was just two of us we worked 24/7 but now we do 9-5 and pride ourselves in work life balance.


Explain your company in a sentence…

We don’t really do sentences but if we we’re a picture it would be bright and layered and joyful ideally framed in a box frame.


What, if anything, would you as a studio tell your younger self?

Emily and Grace don’t spend your student loan in the first week.


A question that I’ve been waiting to ask and to seal off this charming interview. What is your favourite biscuit and why?

This is a very hard question and the answer changes daily, we love most biscuits but ones with posh chunks/cubes of chocolate are our fav. Party rings are a failsafe though.



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