Almudena Cockadoodledoo – Visualisation

Almudena Cockadoodledoo – quirky name for an illustrator? Raised in Spain and having moved across to London, the capital of England, she’s settling in quite nicely. Find out more about Almudena across her social media sites including her own Website, TwitterInstagram and Etsy.

Some people may say that I am an illustrator, others an artist; or maybe just a typical girl crazy about animals and books.

I’ve been drawing since I was a little child! It’s been the way I have to understand the world. In my illustrations, patterns or murals, I represent people and situations that fascinate me; stories that make me happy or animals that steal my heart. Sometimes I draw to something that makes me smile or alternatively to make anyone smile, other times I just want to share with other people the way that I understand the world.
The question about my work is ‘Why don´t you make eyes in your characters?’ and I always answer the same… Maybe they are shy and dont want to say too much!

The Most Incredible Hat

I am from Spain, where I studied the Arts Degree, but I have lived some years between Holland and the UK; collaborating in several projects related to mural painting. Wherever I go, my work draws on all those experiences. My work helps me to transform my world into the place that I want, where there is special animals everywhere, story characters, chicken caps or very peculiar monsters.

Little Red Riding Hood

As everyone assumes, I participate in many types of projects. I has illustrated 16 stories adapted to pictograms for children is Autism. Everything from painted murals, to patterns for fabrics. Now I am working hard in my own project Gallina Rara *Strange Chicken* where I want to connect illustration, design, sustainable development and ecology. Hope you enjoy my work!!

The Cheshire’s Cat
Rooster and Hen

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