Crush Creative

Crush Creative, heard of this team of people? Let me introduce you to their creative hub, where the client will set a brief and voila; you have your animation, publication, gif or whatever project you may have set. They can be found on all types of social media platforms; from Twitter, Behance and Facebook to Instagram and Vimeo! There are many more that are located at the very bottom of their website

So, let’s get asking!! Introduce the team of Crushed with a crazy fact about each creative…

Hmmm – a crazy fact eh! That might be difficult, but here goes:

Carl Rush – Director and Founder. I’m the only one in the company without a Degree but with a criminal record!

Chris Pelling – Creative Director. Spend a year living in a old ambulance and only listening to PsyTrance.

Rachel Booth – Project Manager & New Business Developer. From a small Cornish fishing village to Amsterdam, Berlin & Brighton)

Brett Jones – Lead Creative. An expert on wresting and Nicolas Cage.

Carl Rylatt – Lead Creative. A Welsh type lover that used to promote bands.

Mike Dolan – Illustrator. 100 clicks per second!

MTV – Ridiculousness WTF!

You create/form many, many projects and have a highly impressive portfolio of work! We particularly like the Mothercare re-brand you recently worked on; can you explain how you communicated with the client from the beginning and how you led to forming to animation in the digital style?

We are really lucky as a studio to work in many different creative fields. First and foremost we see ourselves as an ideas company. We make great ideas look beautiful and this will always be the starting point whenever we start a new project.

Mothercare asked us to create a visual identity to brand their YouTube channel. Over the years they had produced loads of branded content but didn’t really have a look and feel to tie the videos together. Their YouTube channel was lacking a consistent brand look.

Our idea was simple to be honest… We wanted to leverage the brand heritage they already have by focusing on their iconic logo. We created storyboards for each section of their business and then transitioned into the logo following a simple animated story. In ‘Bathtime’ the logo interacts with bath toys, in “Pushchair’ we created a transformer type animation to segue from pushchair to brand logo, and in ’Dinnertime’ we created a flying spoon that morphed into the M logo.

We pencil sketch everything & discuss ideas with the client before moving to vectors and then get the vectors signed off before moving to animation.

Greenpeace – Save the Arctic

What, if anything, would the studio tell it’s younger self?

I am forever reminding my younger self why I got into Graphic Design in the first place. The answer is to do great creative work, enjoy the work, work with staff and clients I like and get paid properly. Nothing has changed in the 18 years that Crush has been in business. We are not here to build empires.

Faber & Faber – Catalogue

What words of advice would you offer someone else who is just starting his or her profession in the illustrative world?

I would say – Its tough out there! Global competition is fierce now, so firstly you need to be shit hot to survive. It may be the case that you won’t be a full time illustrator from day one. Be sure that you have other creative back up plans – learn how to design, lie out type, take a photo as well as illustrate because there are not a million jobs out there for you. If you do have the skills – get an agent so that you can concentrate on what you are good at. Your agent can look after the rest so that you get paid properly for your services.


Harpers BAZAAR – Emojis

Crushed in a sentence…

The A-Z of Crush might be a good start…

Arty, Bookish, Characterful, Dog Lovers, Explorers, Filmic. Gluggers, High Spirited, Illustrative, Jovial, Keen, Listeners, Makers, New Media, Old Media, Playful, Quiet (Never), Rebels, Storytellers, Typographers, Urban, Visualisers, Wordsmiths, Xeroxers, Young at Heart and ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz (dreamers).

Picador – Jon Ronson Series

Quick round questions!

Disco or Rock? D I S C O!

Biscuit or Cake? Both

Illustration or Animation? Both

London or America? Both

Process or Final Piece? Process

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