Rosie Franklin – Visualisation

Winchester isn’t on top of my list of art-y places, is it on yours? Well it’s renowned for having an Art’s University among the quiet streets; part of the University of Southampton in a campus located in Winchester. We’ve been speaking to a few of the students there and are particularly fond of Rosie Franklin, who is currently studing in her second year there…

As I take on the challenges of being a Second Year Print student at the Winchester School of Art, I am already discovering many things about myself that I did not realise before. For example, the project I have chosen to show in this post is comprised of geometric prints based off of New York architecture. As a self-proclaimed loather of both Geometrics and anything that involves straight lines, you can imagine my surprise when I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Geometrics gave me a chance to create simpler but still effective designs, a far cry from my usual illustrative style (although I still got to show it through my fashion visualisations). It also gave me an opportunity to explore the world of appliqué: as I was mainly collaging my paper designs, the crossover from paper to fabric was made easy using the power of bondaweb.



Visualisations formed the core of my project and helped me to really think about what I was designing for. As someone who is greatly influenced by Anime and Manga cartoons, I really enjoy drawing people as it gives me a real world situation to focus on rather than the image remaining as a flat print forever. I decided to focus on men’s sportswear as it lends itself well to graphic prints and had a great time thinking about how my designs would work in a practical setting. I find menswear to be quite a fun thing to design prints for, having focused a floral project last year around men’s’ suits and formalwear.


One thing I have learnt through my degree so far is that experimentation is good for any project. Things I believed I hated have turned into techniques I will keep using. I had never even tried to create a continuous line drawing until I started my degree and now it is my preferred method of creating my visualisations. It’s important to remain true to your own style but it makes everything so much more interesting to try out something new.




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