Rebecca Bertola – Visualisation

Meet Rebecca Bertola, an aspiring Couture Designer. Studying and having just completed her first year at Winchester School of Art, specialising Fashion and Textile Design she’s now interning for the Bridal Boutique ‘Mojgan Bridal Couture’… Over to you Rebecca! You can also find her on Instagram and if you want to say hello (she’s pretty lovely) email her:


From a very young age being creative has always been a part of my life and me. As a young girl I was often found covered from head to toe in paint or designing and making clothes for my dolls. I could spend endless hour upon hour sewing, as I still do today. For me it is clear to see that fashion is not just a subject that I am studying at university but it is also a way of life .There is no other subject quite like fashion that allows me to express myself totally and show my true identity.

A concept for a project of mine can begin from a range of sources: maybe perhaps from an inspiring image cut out a magazine, a particularly beautiful photo, a quote from a book or even a design from a recent couture fashion collection. By using a variety of sources, I strive to give a more unique feel to my projects; I enjoy the challenge of combining and developing very contrasting ideas to make a complex and innovative concept.


Photography is very often the starting point for my projects as I constantly find myself stopping to take photos of the world around me on my travels. By looking at everyday objects in greater detail through the use of macro shots, I believe that we can all see the hidden beauty and the work of art that is there before us. However it is only if we take the time to delve deeper that we can see this.

Nature is my main inspiration particularly flowers because of their exotic colours, striking shapes and exquisite textures. Another key inspiration is architecture where I am drawn to things that shimmer, sparkle and shine such as gleaming glass chandeliers. I am also influenced by geometrical features and metallic colours of Baroque and Cathedral Architecture.


My work is recognisable for its strong fine art approach and use of dramatic highly saturated colour. My sketchbooks are packed full of heavily textured mixed media drawings which I then translate into intricately detailed and beaded textile samples.

The style of work has been described as eccentric, eclectic, and quirky; primarily due to the experimental techniques and unusual combinations of materials that I use. Essentially, I like to innovate and create new fabrics. Therefore I experiment by burning and melting papers, plastics and metals which I then mix with plants, salts and sands and more traditional fabric to create my unique textiles samples etc… I like to be different and to stand out because couture is about creating a theatrical spectacle and an art form through intense labour and craftsmanship, i.e. perfectionism!



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