Ferne Xie

Ferne Xie, introducing the lovely lady herself. Welcome to her world of all things cats!! Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens…

Follow Ferne and her work through the social media sites (InstagramFacebook and Twitter) and Website and enjoy.

Fluffy Hug


My name is Ferne, or known as Squarefetish on Instagram and I currently reside in Paris. I studied architecture at Columbia University in the city of New York and it was awesome. I have been working as an architect in America, Germany and China, my nomad years showed me lots of wonders and gave me great joy. I would love to keep on moving.


Ever since I lost my cat I have been drawing cats and whatnot as part of my grieving process. My illustrations of cats are all loving memories of my old cat MAOJI and she would forever serve as my heroine.

Hot Bath

I have still not yet established my personal style to the extend that I am fully happy with, especially with human figures. Of course I know how to draw eyes but I somehow ended up always drawing them with eyes shut, I can feel the restriction of emotion, might has something to do with my background as an architect, I don’t know. I am looking forward to breaking my boundaries and being more expressive with my brush strokes.

Orange Tea

My freelance illustrator career journey has just began and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I have worked on Branding for a cat cafe and I would love to expand my line of works in the future.

Summer Forest

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