Carmen Picada – Visualisation

“Like a revelation, I discovered that I had no interest in dressing bodies, but in undressing them. I felt I needed to deconstruct and reach their volumes with my fingers and my pencils.” Introducing the wonderful Carmen… You can find her work on her Website, as well as on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy!

I draw what I’m drawn to. I surround myself with what I’m drawn to. I draw what surrounds me.

If I had to define these things that surround me, that attract me, that I draw, I could say:

A random layout of objects created spontaneously without my intervention. When you observe, you see. I can see plenty of drawable scenes around me all the time. It’s cheap and democratic.


People that mean something to me. Friends, family, lovers, partners and ex partners. People that I can touch by simply reaching my hand out or people that are not physically close (sometimes they don’t even exist physically any more), but I keep them in mind.


People from the audiovisual industry. Actors and actresses that I admire. Actors and actresses that I desire. Characters from movies or TV series that fascinate me. Scenes from movies that trap me because of their beauty or their touching lines. It’s the same with singers. Actually, it’s a shame I don’t know how to draw music because it’s very present in my life. Music is with me at all times. Maybe one day I shall give it a try.


My work is 100% made by hand. No, there is no digital work in it. I’m not much into technology and drawing for me is like an act of refuge in which I need to feel comfortable. As technology makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t want it for drawing.

Mistakes are what make hand drawing a unique experience. I try to assimilate mistakes, try to turn them into a singularity. This is the big challenge. When you make a line longer than it should be, when your marker releases too much ink, when you spoil a clean and immaculate part of your drawing with a finger that you didn’t even know was touching the paper surface. There is no undo, no CTRL+Z here. You just have to find out a creative way to hide them, if they are really disastrous, or simply let them be. They remind me that, as the beautiful lines, they also are an essential part of what I do.




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